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Asylum officers, Secret Service agents and troops have surged toward border with Title 42's expiration hours away

May 11, 2023 View Original Article
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57% : That's on top of the 550 US troops -- mostly from the Army -- that began a mission Wednesday to support Customs and Border Protection staff at the US-Mexico border, where officials said they'll help monitor the border and provide data entry and warehouse support, but not perform law enforcement duties.
55% : Many made long journeys on foot or boarded freight trains in hopes of reaching the other side of the border and applying for asylum.
50% : Authorities have expelled migrants at the US-Mexico border more than 2.8 million times under Title 42 since the policy began, according to US Customs and Border Protection data.
49% : With hours left before Title 42 expires Thursday night, the US has sent thousands of reinforcements to the southern border, anticipating the Trump-era border restriction policy's demise could spur an even heavier migrant influx than the country has already seen in recent weeks.
48% :About 1,000 asylum officers were being sent to Border Patrol and immigration detention facilities to help screen asylum requests, Mayorkas said.
47% : In addition, a new regulation expected to go into effect this week would largely ban migrants who traveled through other countries on their way to the US-Mexico border from applying for asylum in the United States -- with some exceptions.
44% : Asylum-seekers who cross the border without first applying for asylum could be removed under Title 8 authority.
42% : Officials have been warning the expiration could attract a surge of migrants and worsen an already challenging humanitarian crisis at the southern border, where communities in recent days have seen makeshift encampments proliferate as border crossings climb.
41% : "We are clear-eyed about the challenges we are likely to face in the days and weeks ahead, which have the potential to be very difficult," Mayorkas told reporters in Washington, warning the US expects to see large numbers of migrants at the southern border for weeks to come.

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