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Ducey issues executive order to fill gaps in border wall - AZ Big Media

Aug 13, 2022 View Original Article
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Contributing sentiments towards policy:

56% : Governor Ducey once again showed he'll take action to secure the border and give law enforcement every resource in the state's power."
55% : I'm grateful to work with Governor Ducey and my legislative colleagues to get the job done and secure the border.""Republicans in the Legislature made border security a priority in this year's budget, and I'm thankful to Governor Ducey for wasting no time in putting those funds to good use," said Rep. Ben Toma.
54% :"Our border communities are being used as the entryway to the United States, overwhelming law enforcement, hospitals, nonprofits and residents," Governor Ducey said.
54% : "National security starts with border security.
52% : "It's our responsibility to protect our citizens and law enforcement from this unprecedented crisis.
51% : The panels of the border wall constructed during the Trump administration are 30-feet high.
50% : This action is the latest in a series of misguided decisions related to border security by the federal government.
50% :The governor's action aims to reinstate law and order at the border, freeing law enforcement from burdensome processing back to securing the border.
49% : "The brave men and women of law enforcement need this support so they can conduct their important work catching the people who don't want to get caught and stopping lethal drugs from coming over the border.
48% : Construction began Friday morning on the thousand-foot gap in the border wall near Yuma, Arizona.
46% : All this adds up to overwhelmed community resources and law enforcement who work around the clock to give migrants the care they need and keep dangerous drugs off the streets.
43% : "Improvements to the border wall will make our communities safer by combating human trafficking and stemming the flow of fentanyl into the state."
32% : The White House continues to demonstrate failed border policies, all but encouraging transnational criminal organizations to import illegal drugs across an unrestricted southern border in Arizona.

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