The Biasly Bias Meter, is a tool that helps readers understand the political leaning of articles, media sources, politicians or authors. This interactive artificial intelligence software provides insightful analytics to help audiences really understand what they are reading, and be able to derive their own conclusions without being persuaded by the ideals, agendas or competing interests of biased parties. Our software, which rates on a scale between conservative or liberal and a series of percentages between the two  sides, provides helpful metrics that will make reading the news an enjoyable process in which readers can better understand the content and leanings through the lens of critical thinking, which in a world that lives in the age of mediatization, is of major importance. The Biasly team, through the Bias Meter, hopes to convey its commitment to bias education in political journalism, that in an era of ever growing polarization is a matter that has gotten deprioritized, in order to be able to promote agendas, or interests through the media. We believe that our Bias Meter, through rating biases in the media, is a major step in the right direction.