What the Bias Meter can do for aggregators is grant legitimacy to their cause. A political news aggregator´s main purpose is to grow their audience through posting quality content. A big obstacle towards achieving this is that there is a general distrust in political news.  The public has turned to alternative sources like social media and the internet, to receive their knowledge on current events. But a great step in legitimizing the content published on a website in the eyes of the public includes bias rating and fact-checking software. In the case of the Biasly Bias Meter, companies would be paying for a service that can certainly help their cause to further broaden and grow their audience by including article bias ratings on its site. Also, other than legitimizing the news agency in the eyes of the people, it can also help aggregators and news agencies provide credibility to themselves, and to the articles published. All in all, our Bias Meter Licensing Solution provides immediate credibility to aggregators who wish to restore the people’s trust in the media.