The Bias Meter can help readers in an extraordinary manner. Nowadays, political bias, due to certain loyalties, funding, interests and agendas, have turned the eye of the media into a shifting lens of public opinion. Due to the prominent status that the media has achieved in politics, and the fact that it has risen to become the new arena of public debate, it comes as no surprise that certain opinions will influence the published content. As aggregators are constantly reposting articles from multiple media sources it would be a great tool to offer their readers a way to really understand the content published. When readers understand the background behind a certain article, opinion piece, or even a news story, can interpret the facts the way they should be. The Bias Meter is precisely the tool that can help readers level with media agencies to combat the effects of bias in their interpretations of events. Because when readers can understand the context of a story and know the biases in an article they can have a clearer path towards the complete truth behind a story.