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Hannity and Trump now desperately trying to stop Rovember landslide for Biden

Apr 08, 2024 View Original Article
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Contributing sentiments towards policy:

52% : "Trump's attempted pivot on abortion, which has disappointed anti-abortion groups, came after he mused about supporting a national law that would ban abortions at 16 weeks or later in a woman's pregnancy.
47% : "The states will determine by vote or legislation, or perhaps both, and whatever they decide must be the law of the land," Trump said in his announcement.
40% : "Biden then pledged that he would sign a law codifying the protections given by Roe should such a law reach his desk, while warning that Trump would certainly sign a law that implemented nationwide abortion restrictions were it passed by a Republican Congress.
30% : Trump put these 3 extremist judges into the supreme court and now Trump and Hannity will have to watch that decision kill any chance for a Trump second term in office, come Roevember.'Political suicide': Sean Hannity warns Republicans must drop 'extreme position' -- or loseApril 8, 2024"A prominent Fox News host is warning Republicans that their extremist position on abortion loses elections and -- if they don't allow for exceptions to the procedure -- it will result in "political suicide.
29% : As I have said many times since the Dobbs decision, Donald Trump and all those responsible for overturning Roe don't have a clue about the power of women in America.
28% : In a statement issued shortly after Trump's announcement, Biden hammered Trump for once again boasting about his role in overturning Roe v. Wade, which has paved the way for states to implement abortion bans that have proven increasingly unpopular with swing voters."Trump once said women must be punished for seeking reproductive health care -- and he's gotten his wish," Biden said.
25% : "Hannity went on to say that Roe v. Wade was "always bad law," and what Trump did was put it in the hands of the states and not at the federal level.
24% : He then hit Trump for trying to wiggle out of being blamed for the overturning of 50 years of precedent when it comes to women's reproductive rights.
24% : "Trump is scrambling," said Biden.
22% : He added that Trump confronted the "extremism on this issue regarding abortion" from Democrats, who Hannity says don't want any limits on the procedure.
19% : ""'Trump is scrambling': Biden campaign pounces on rival's attempted abortion pivotApril 8, 2024"President Joe Biden's campaign on Monday whacked former President Donald Trump after he attempted to pivot on the issue of abortion by saying that the issue will now be left to individual states.
12% : Two articles today showing just how desperate the Trump/republican pundit and Trump are over their extremist positions on abortion and their wanting to stop medically needed abortions during endangered pregnancies.

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