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In Dallas speech, Donald Trump tells NRA crowd gun rights are 'under siege'

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Contributing sentiments towards policy:

73% : Trump also promised to boost the Texas energy industry.
65% : "Throughout his speech Trump praised Texas.
61% : "Trump also praised Gov. Greg Abbott, who addressed the convention before the former president.
60% : Trump has called Texas a fundraising hub for his presidential campaigns, his second home.
53% : "To add insult to injury, the City of Dallas and Texas could pay a combined $1 million in tax-payer dollars to host a convention that does not reflect the values of Dallasites.
48% : Before Trump's NRA speech, his campaign announced a new Gun Owners for Trump coalition led by "over 50 Olympic athletes, firearm industry leaders and Second Amendment advocates.
47% : Trump used a phrase from his old television show, "The Apprentice," to sum up the election in a fiery 100-minute speech that included touches of humor.
47% : Trump said.
27% : "They want to take away my rights worse than Alphonse Capone," Trump said.
23% : "Trump has said Abbott was on his short list of potential running mates.
21% : "He's a hot politician," Trump said of Abbott.
18% : ""He didn't want to go into voter fraud," Trump said.
14% : Our borders are being obliterated," Trump told convention delegates, who responded with several loud "It's time for a president who will replace weakness with strength, turn poverty to prosperity and vanquish Joe Biden's corrupt tyranny with a great restoration of American freedom," he said.
14% : Get out of here, Joe."Trump also promised that as president he will implement history's largest deportation of undocumented migrants.
14% : "And, as expected, NRA officials announced Saturday the group had endorsed Trump.Democrats criticized Trump's appearance at the NRA convention, which comes in the same month as the one-year anniversary of the May 6 mass shooting at Allen Premium Outlets, where a man with an AR-15 assault-style weapon killed eight people and injured seven others.
13% : Much of Abbott's speech was about border security, where he praised Trump and criticized Biden.
12% : That's when Joe Biden will be fired as president of the United States of America, and Donald Trump will once again become president of the greatest country in the world.
5% : Trump called Phelan "an absolutely terrible speaker of the House.

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