Iowa Poll shows most likely Republican caucusgoers aren't wild about MAGA

Jan 15, 2024 View Original Article
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Contributing sentiments towards policy:

64% : "Make America Great Again should be making America great again, not this over-the-top driving around with flags flying that say 'Trump' or those people that have their line of boats on lakes.
63% : Just days before the Iowa Caucuses on Monday night, 48% of poll respondents say Trump is their first choice for president.
55% : Throughout the campaign cycle, Trump has maintained a strong hold on Iowa.
53% : While former President Donald Trump has built a commanding lead with likely Republican caucusgoers in Iowa, less than half identify with his MAGA brand, according to a new Des Moines Register/NBC News/Mediacom Iowa Poll.Forty percent of Iowans who plan to caucus for Republicans Monday say they align with the MAGA identity, a reference to Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan, which has sometimes become synonymous with conservative politics.
53% : "I haven't changed, my beliefs have not changed, but the party has completely changed in my view.
51% : Unsurprisingly, nearly three-fourths of likely Republican caucusgoers who describe themselves as either ultra or regular MAGA (72%) say Trump is their first choice for president.
50% : But Trump has strong opinions, making it clear what direction he plans to take the country if re-elected, she said.
50% : "Still, Watson likes Trump as a presidential candidate, and if he's the nominee, plans to vote for him over Biden.
47% : Even among likely Republican caucusgoers who say they are neutral on MAGA identity, Trump earns a plurality of the first-choice vote for president (37%).
46% : Poll respondent Kristin Rumelhart considers herself an ultra-MAGA Republican and plans to caucus for Trump Monday.
43% : In addition, 60% of Trump supporters describe themselves as either ultra MAGA (31%) or regular MAGA (29%).
43% : Among Trump supporters, 29% are neutral on his trademark phrase.
40% : In recent weeks, she has found popularity among those voters looking for an alternative to Trump.
35% : While she doesn't believe Trump is to blame for what happened Jan. 6, she said ultra-MAGA supporters took his statements "and ran with it.""That's not what I am or what that (movement) should be," said the X-Ray technician who works at the Des Moines-based MercyOne health care system.
32% : Though Haley has avoided aggressively criticizing the former president, she has worked to distinguish herself from Trump while campaigning in Iowa and other early primary states.
31% : "Half of Nikki Haley supporters consider themselves anti-MAGAThe 60% of anti-MAGA Republicans who support Haley highlight the momentum she's gained among voters who are looking for an alternative to Trump.
29% : Goodell also said Trump brings too many extreme views to the GOP party, saying he believes most voters fall somewhere closer to the middle of the political spectrum than the outer edges.
28% : However, she said she does worry the divisiveness over Trump could mean more voters would instead opt for Biden, costing Republicans the election.
27% : And now that former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has ended his campaign, after openly attacking Trump throughout the 2024 presidential race, some political analysts say Haley will have a better shot at solidifying the "Never Trump" vote.

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