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Contributing sentiments towards policy:

53% : James apparently believes that Donald Trump is the first and most egregious real estate baron in New York history who inflated the value of his holdings.
49% : But he seems way beyond that now and is trying to put a gag order on the presidential frontrunner and to ensure Trump is in court during the 2024 campaign -- challenging the very administration that appointed Smith in the first place.
47% : Prosecutors are discovering that the more they seek to rush to judgment before the election and gag Trump from speaking publicly about these proceedings, the more he rises in the polls.
47% : It was Willis, we were assured, who got Trump with the goods on tape, begging election officials to "find" the requisite missing votes that would prove his victory (note that he did not say "invent" the votes but to look for a supposedly existing trove of them).
43% : If the Department of Justice really wishes to prosecute insurrection, then it should concentrate on 120 days of arson, looting, killing, and violent protests that destroyed $2 billion in property, led to over 35 deaths, injured 1,500 law enforcement officers, and saw a federal courthouse, a police precinct, and a historic church torched by protestors, months of violent chaos planned and orchestrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and enabled by leftwing inert mayors and governors.
37% : In truth, Trump was the first ex-president in history to be indicted for a dispute with archivists over the status and security of removed classified files.
35% : Do we recall when leftist legal eagles claimed that of all the iffy Trump indictments, Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis had the best case against Trump?
34% : Some had run for office, offering campaign promises to get Trump convicted for something or other.
33% : Moreover, had Trump not run for the presidency, or had he been of the same party as most of the four prosecutors, he would have never been indicted by any of them.
32% : "If so, what then defines campaign violations when Ms. Clinton brazenly destroyed nearly 30,000 subpoenaed campaign-era emails, ordered subpoenaed communication devices smashed, illegally hired a foreign national to find dirt on a campaign rival, and used three paywalls to hide her hush payments to British subject Steele to concoct a smear dossier -- with help from Russian sources -- to destroy her 2016 rival?Letitia James, apparently for the first time in New York history, believes a bank was somehow wronged when its seasoned auditors viewed Trump's assets, approved a loan to him, profited from his timely payments of interest and principles, and lodged no complaints against Trump or his company.
31% : Yet now they are in a doom loop of discovering that the more they seek to rush to judgment before the election and gag Trump from speaking publicly about these star-chamber proceedings, the more he rises in the polls.
31% : Her indictments thus supposedly have nothing to do with a left-wing political activist who ran for attorney general on promises to get Trump.
27% : We should dispense with the tired narrative that four conscientious state and federal prosecutors -- independently and without contact with the Biden White House or the radical Democrats in Congress -- all came to the same disinterested conclusions that Donald Trump should be indicted for various crimes and put on trial during the campaign season of 2024.
23% : If Trump is guilty of removing files that he had the statutory right as president to formally declassify, then what was senator and subsequent Vice President Joe Biden guilty of when he stealthily and unlawfully removed hundreds of files, kept the removals secret (until his administration went after Trump for the same offense), and sloppily stored them in his insecure garage?
22% : The prosecutors began accelerating their indictments only once Trump started to lead incumbent Joe Biden by sizable margins in head-to-head polls.
15% : In truth, each succeeding cycle of corrupt leftwing lawfare that ends in failure -- the Russian collusion hoax, the weaponized first impeachment, trying ex-president Trump in the Senate as a private citizen, the laptop disinformation set-up, the Alfa bank ping caper, the pathetic attempt to erase Trump from state ballots, and the unfolding Fani Willis moral debacle -- does not return things to zero.

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