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More Than A Dozen Major Media Outlets Call On Biden, Trump To Commit To Presidential Debate

Apr 15, 2024 View Original Article
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Contributing sentiments towards policy:

54% : That's for Joe Biden," President Trump said.
47% : "You can see we have an empty podium right here to my right.
46% : "President Trump made similar comments at his April 2 campaign speech in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
45% : At both appearances, to drive his point home, President Trump pointed to a mic standing holding a Trump-branded sign that read, "Anytime.
35% : The commission has also scheduled a vice presidential debate for Sept. 25 at Lafayette College in Easton even though President Trump has yet to announce his pick for a running mate.
32% : Recently, in a televised interview, President Biden's former chief of staff, Ron Klain, said he believes the president would be "certainly happy to debate President Trump if the MAGA candidate "would agree to the right set of basic instructions that his predecessor has agreed to.
16% : At the same time, Democrats leaders are running damage control for President Biden by pointing out that President Trump refused to debate any of his GOP rivals for the party nomination in the primaries -- just as he did in 2016 before going on to eventually win the presidency.
15% : An anti-Trump website TheSocialTruth -- a reverse of the former president's Truth Social platform -- said in an April 14 post, "Trump knows if he debates, he'd fall apart and Biden would wipe the floor with him."
12% : Mr. Durbin clarified that his advice was based on not giving President Trump an opportunity to spread his "extremism" rather than concern that President Biden wouldn't be able to stand up to President Trump in a match.
10% : They were peppered with personal and political assaults, with the former vice president saying to President Trump at one point, "Will you shut up, man."While Republicans have razzed President Biden for not debating the former president, Democrats leaders have cautioned President Biden not to climb on stage for a political spar with the MAGA leader.
10% : "Mr. Klain said President Trump "broke the rules everywhere he could" during the 2020 debate between him and President Biden.
9% : In an April 11 post on X, Rep. Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) said the real reason President Biden hasn't committed to debating President Trump is because he knows his mental cognitivism is too much in decline.

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