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OPINION: The mess in which America finds itself could have been avoided, even without hindsight - Jackson Advocate

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    84% Extremely Conservative

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    98% Extremely Conservative

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    -39% Negative

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Contributing sentiments towards policy:

61% : Throughout the presidential campaign of 2016 the country heard almost daily just who Trump is.
59% : Without even the need for hindsight, Americans could have predicted the position Donald Trump has positioned us into today.
56% : (5) Racism and hatred have long been strong in America and Trump would continue appealing to such feelings, thereby gaining support.
43% : (3) Trump would travel the country lying and winning supporters, no matter what was happening in the courts.
43% : Trump has shown that his major motivations are to remain out of jail, to increase his wealth, and to be a dictator.
42% : Instead of either of those outcomes, the U.S. Attorney General dallied too long in appointing Jack Smith as a special counsel to use the congressional material and other evidence to investigate and indict Trump.
41% : (7) There is no soft and easy way to deal with Trump and Trumpism and expect to secure justice.
38% : Hundreds of Trump cohorts were arrested and convicted for attacking the Capitol, threatening lives and assaulting officers, and staging an insurrection.
33% : Yet, here we are under the threat of having Trump elected again as president and of America becoming a dictatorship.
27% : Nevertheless, none of this stopped Trump as he proceeded to take and refuse to return government papers upon leaving the White House.
27% : No matter how early or how late legal action was taken, Trump and his allies would complain that it was a political move, a witch hunt.
25% : Although President Joe Biden may not be all that one had hoped for, he is a far better choice than Trump.
22% : On the other hand, based on the Mueller Report, Trump should have been indicted and convicted, despite his escaping impeachment.
22% : (4) An increasing number of Republicans would cave-in and help Trump because of their fear of his base support, the mob - organized and otherwise, and of being publicly embarrassed by him.
19% : The only sure escape from this outcome is for the American people to come out in massive numbers in the so-called swing states to vote against Donald Trump, while voters in the other states hold the line.
16% : Trump is on the wrong side on virtually every issue, especially those dealing with civil and human rights.

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