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President Biden to Pardon Felony Marijuana Possession, Casper Business Owners Respond

Oct 06, 2022 View Original Article
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Contributing sentiments towards policy:

55% : By all accounts, it's a big step towards the federal legalization of marijuana and K2 Radio News reached out to the owners of both Platte Hemp Company and The Green Room to find out more about how this decision could affect Wyoming, both economically and in terms of individual livelihoods.
55% :"Legalization of cannabis products has been a boon for state budgets, with states reporting a combined total of $10.4 billion in tax revenue from cannabis sales as of the close of 2021, not including any revenue produced by medical marijuana distribution," the website stated.
55% : Once marijuana is legalized, you're going to see a huge spike."
54% :The money that marijuana could bring to Wyoming, especially given how much space the state has to create farms, is astronomical.
53% : The president made this announcement on Twitter, with both a video and a thread of his plans and hopes for the future of marijuana in America.
51% : He asked both Secretary Becerra and the Attorney General to review how marijuana is scheduled when it comes to federal law.
51% :Watt said that he has spoken with various Wyoming leaders, many of whom have told him their thoughts on the legalization of marijuana in Wyoming.
49% : The legalization of marijuana could mean big bucks for Wyoming, according to Watt.
49% : If we can increase the hemp industry on top of the cannabis industry the state would really be able to use any of the funds from taxes or any of that to go into the school systems, the streets, road repairs, or anything else that the state might need to get repaired."
46% : "Sending people to jail for possessing marijuana has upended too many lives - for conduct that is legal in many states.
46% : Kobie Waddy, one of the owners of The Green Room in Casper, agrees that Wyoming will, hopefully, legalize marijuana if it's legalized federally.
42% : This is going to help a lot of people who, like, got tagged for an eighth [ounces of marijuana] and now have the hardest time finding a job, or getting a loan.
40% : "I'd also like to note that as federal and state regulations change, we still need important limitations on trafficking, marketing, and underage sales of marijuana," President Biden wrote.
38% : Whether Wyoming actually legalizes marijuana or not remains to be seen.
38% :The future of marijuana in Wyoming is an unclear one, but Casper business owners, at least those within this industry, believe the President's actions today were a turning point towards the future of marijuana legalization.
24% : "Just as no one should be in a federal prison solely for possessing marijuana, no one should be in a local jail or state prison for that reason, either," President Biden wrote.

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