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Trump refuses to shift on climate despite supporters needing aid at rallies in extreme US heat

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Contributing sentiments towards policy:

54% : It's worth it," Camille Lombardi, a 65-year-old retired nurse from Henderson, in suburban Las Vegas, who was seeing Trump in person for the first time, told AP.
53% : Trump himself noted the severe heat during his speech on Sunday, with the Las Vegas rally starting around noon where the temperature was around 90F (32C) and climbed to around 102F (38C).
53% : Trump has vowed to accelerate oil and gas production, already at record levels, in the US, however, repeating the mantra "drill, baby, drill" at rallies.
46% : "It's 110, but it doesn't feel it to me," said Trump, who wore a suit jacket and signature red baseball cap.
44% : The hospitalizations come after a further 11 people needed to be admitted to hospital for heat exhaustion as they waited for Trump to speak at a rally in Phoenix on Thursday.
42% : Scientists have found that heatwaves are moving slower and lasting longer due to the climate crisis, which is primarily caused by the burning of fossil fuels.
37% : "Donald Trump is openly telling people that he's only out for himself," said Alex Glass, a campaigner at Climate Power, a climate advocacy group.
36% : but it seems lost on him that his plans to reverse climate policies and "drill baby drill" for fossil fuels will only worsen extreme weather, campaigners say.
31% : The former president and newly-convicted felon aims to undo Joe Biden's policies aimed at lowering carbon emissions, which he has called "insane", and has directly sought $1bn in campaign donations from oil and gas executives in order to fulfill this agenda as president.
31% : "This is a dry heat - this ain't nothing for Las Vegas people," said Michael McDonald, Nevada's Republican party chair, who added that it "symbolizes for the rest of the United States we will walk through hell" to elect Trump.
25% : "Trump then said: "I don't want anybody going on me.

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