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Trump warns 'there will be bedlam' if Jan 6 prosecution goes ahead

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60% : "Donald Trump is expected to make a statement at a local hotel following the legal arguments in today's court case, US media reports.04:26 PM GMTListen back to the arguments from Donald Trump's immunity caseDonald Trump has made a point of leaving the campaign trail in Iowa, where the Republican primary campaign is entering its final days, to appear today in Washington, writes US Editor Tony Diver.
52% : "That is the frightening future that is tailor made to launch cycles of recrimination that will shake our republic.
51% : Trump bound for D.C. after leaving Virginia golf clubDonald Trump has left his golf club in Sterling, Virginia and is heading for the Washington D.C. courthouse, NBC News reports.
43% : "01:42 PM GMTHow Donald Trump could run his election campaign from jailIt is unprecedented for a former US president to be facing federal criminal charges.
41% : He downplays claims that prosecuting Donald Trump will provoke a "sea change of vindictive tit-for-tat prosecutions", and says the case "reflects the fundamentally unprecedented nature of the criminal charges here"."Never before have there been allegations that a sitting president has with private individuals and using the levers of power to subvert the democratic republic and the electoral system," he adds.
40% : "Defendant may be subject to federal investigation, indictment, prosecution, conviction, and punishment for any criminal acts undertaken while in office.
36% : The judge who could send Donald Trump to jail: Who is Tanya Chutkan?The judge expected to oversee Donald Trump's Jan 6 indictment is known for tough sentences on Capitol rioters and was appointed by Barack Obama.US District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan was also the federal judge who previously denied Mr Trump's attempt to avoid disclosing documents to the House committee investigating the attack, writing in the ruling: "presidents are not kings".
33% : The legal arguments between Donald Trump and justice department lawyers have now concluded.03:51 PM GMTProsecuting Trump 'will launch cycles of recrimination'D. John Sauer hits back at James Pearce's arguments, arguing that a system where a president needs to be impeached before prosecution "is the one we've lived under for the last 235 years".
22% : 02:27 PM GMTPictured: Donald Trump's motorcade arrives at D.C. courthouse02:23 PM GMTThe tough courtroom competitor who wants Trump in jail: Who is Jack Smith?When Alexi Schacht was asked to defend Manzoor Qadar, who was accused of murdering his niece's husband as part of an honour killing, he thought it would be a doddle.
20% : The court is now sitting, and will shortly hear arguments about whether Donald Trump is shielded from election subversion charges by presidential immunity.
16% : "01:23 PM GMTPictures: Washington awaits the arrival of Donald TrumpYou can read our full breakdown of all the charges - criminal and civil - that have been brought against former US president Donald Trump here.
12% : "Donald Trump has warned there will be "bedlam" if criminal charges are brought against him, claiming US President Joe Biden is attempting to push him off the ballot before the presidential election in November.
12% : Donald Trump insisted on Monday that his time in office means he is shielded from the four criminal counts, adding that he was "looking for voter fraud" rather than subverting the 2020 presidential election.
9% : This live blog is now closed.05:57 PM GMTPictured: Trump appears in courtroom in presidential immunity case05:21 PM GMTTrump: Biden could be prosecuted over Afghanistan withdrawalPresidents cannot do their job without immunity from prosecution, Donald Trump has said, as he suggested Joe Biden could be charged over the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.
9% : Mr Trump denies the charges.01:56 PM GMTWhat did Tanya Chutkan rule on Trump's immunity claim?Judge Tanya Chutkan ruled that Donald Trump was not entitled to a "lifelong 'get-out-of-jail-free' pass" the last time the former president's lawyers argued he was shielded from prosecution.
8% : Donald Trump has warned there will be "bedlam" if the justice department is allowed to prosecute him on election interference claims, accusing Joe Biden of attempting to push him off the ballot.
2% : "Pearce: Prosecuting Trump will not open 'floodgates' to presidential chargesJames Pearce cites Richard Nixon and the Iran-Contra affair as he argues there is a longstanding assumption that presidents are subject to criminal prosecution.

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