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May 17, 2024

Will Democrats Pay a Price for Their Cynical, Crumbling Lawfare Strategy?

Why Troubling News:

Even for an opinion piece, this article is extremely biased and vitriolic. This account of the supposed "Democrat-lawfare complex" and its attempt to "push (their) senile octogenarian across the finish line" by "conjuring up... four criminal prosecutions" is filled with a rather heated conservative bias. The article comes out swinging immediately by painting President Biden as someone "whose command of the English language rivals that of most kindergarteners" claims, unverifiably, that "cynicism and a sense of malaise are ubiquitous" in the United States, and provides absolutely no sourcing or links to the quotes it draws from. I understand that RealClearPolitics is only a news aggregator, but this piece is an offensively biased article that goes beyond mere personal opinion into something that would certainly do no favors for balanced public discourse.

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