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Welcome to the Media Literacy Education Course

In our increasingly interconnected world, the media has become a crucial part of our lives. The flood of information we receive daily necessitates the need for discerning and responsible media consumers. This Media Bias Education course aims to equip you with the tools to navigate this information-rich landscape effectively.

Section 1: Introduction

1.1 What is Media Literacy and Why Should We Teach it in the Classroom?

In this section, we will dive deep into the concept of media literacy, exploring its importance and why it is vital to incorporate it into classroom education.

1.2 Learning Objectives

Here, we will outline the learning objectives of the course, guiding you through the skills and knowledge you will acquire throughout.

Section 2: Political Bias

2.1 What is Political Bias

This part will introduce you to political bias, explaining its implications on the way information is presented in the media.

2.2 Political Bias Through History

We will take a historical journey to understand how political bias has shaped the media landscape over time.

2.3 Types of Political Bias

We will discuss the different forms of political bias prevalent in the media, providing you with comprehensive knowledge to identify them.

2.4 Media Political Leanings – Examples

Using a range of real-world examples, we will illustrate the varying political leanings present in the media.

Section 3: Analyzing Political Bias

3.1 Introduction to Our Method

We will introduce our unique method for analyzing political bias, offering an effective tool to evaluate media content.

3.2 The Seven Elements of Rating

This part details the seven elements that form our rating system, a crucial aspect of analyzing political bias.

3.3 Rating an Article Step-By-Step

We will guide you through a step-by-step process on how to rate an article using our methodology.

3.4 The 7 Elements – Real Examples

We will apply the seven elements of rating to real-world media content, offering practical demonstrations of our analysis method.

Section 4: Practical Exercises

4.1 Tone and Tendency Practical Application

This section includes exercises that enable you to apply your understanding of tone and tendency in media content.

4.2 Diction – Word Choice Quiz

A quiz to test your knowledge on the impact of diction or word choice in media communication.

4.3 Author Check

This practical task will allow you to explore the influence of authors on the content they produce.

4.4 Selection and Omission

Through these exercises, we will highlight how the selection or omission of information impacts the overall message of a piece.

4.5 Expediency

Here, we will delve into the concept of expediency and how it shapes media content.

4.6 Accuracy

Accuracy is paramount in media literacy, and this section will help you discern factual information from misinformation.


5.1 Conclusion Overview

A summary of everything that you have learned about media bias throughout this course.

5.2 Self-Reflection Essay and Final Knowledge Check

Essay questions so you can reflect on everything that you have learned about media bias in this course.

5.3 Final Knowledge Check

Short questions so you can reflect on everything that you have learned about media bias in this course.

5.4 Student Resources

A final overview of some of the most important media bias terms mentioned throughout this course.


6.1 Appendix A

An analysis of how biased the news source Alternet is.

6.2 Appendix B

An analysis of how biased the news source MSNBC is.

6.3 Appendix C

An analysis of how biased the news source AP News is.

6.4 Appendix D

An analysis of how biased the news source The Hill is.

6.5 Appendix E

An analysis of how biased the news source Breitbart is.

6.6 Appendix F

An analysis of how biased the news source InfoWars is. This course is designed for all – students, teachers, or avid consumers of media. Get ready to embark on an enriching journey that empowers you to interact with the complex media landscape responsibly and effectively. Welcome aboard!