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With the Biasly News Check Chrome Extensionfree subscribers can immediately obtain a bias rating based on A.I. for any website that they visit. You can view the rating, and analyze the in-depth breakdown of how the source leans and portrays politicians and political policies and issues mentioned. All article media ratings are based on the latest data science and analytics that deliver you the best results and help you to understand the news better with a more neutral point of view.

The Biasly News Check Chrome Extension is free and is included in the free member subscription. The Chrome extension allows subscribers to generate A.I. media bias ratings on any articles visited on the web, with just one click.


Each of the Chrome Extension features included (below) is imperative to discover the reliability and bias in each article you read. Only with our Chrome Extension and analytics can you get an in-depth breakdown of an article. For instance, the number of sources used indicates how much opinion or fact the author is portraying in their article and the quality of those sources indicates if the author is giving a fair view of both sides. To discover the bias and reliability of each article you need Biasly’s Chrome Extension.

New to the Chrome Extension is the individual breakdown of how the A.I. at Biasly rates each article. 

★ Sources in the article

Discovering the sources used within the article is important as you can identify the ideological tendencies of each site you visit and how factual the article is. You will also be able to identify the quality of information, and it will help you understand the credibility and reliability of each article you read. This will also help you understand the perspective and potential bias in each article you read. Being aware of the sources used by the author helps you recognize any article’s potential objectivity or the pushing of an agenda.

★ Number of Opposite Viewpoints

Like understanding the sources of the article, discovering and interpreting the number of opposite viewpoints can help you identify objectivity in any article you visit. Being able to understand any publication’s willingness to provide opposite viewpoints shows their willingness for allowing the reader to make up their own opinions when reading their articles. A good indication of true, objective reporting.

★ Author Analysis

Understanding who the author of each article is will provide any reader with the ability to determine the inherent bias and context from which the author is approaching the article. Being able to see the breakdowns of each author through Biasly’s Chrome Extension will allow you to make a better and more informed decision on the accuracy of each article you read based on the biases that each author possesses.

★ Opposite Sources

By having good diverse array of opposite sources you will be able to avoid confirmation bias and be more adept at recognizing bias. Additionally, it helps provide a balanced and objective view that allows for critical thinking and developing one’s own opinions on a subject. Allowing for opposite sources allows you the ability to broaden your understanding of any subject, and avoid reading misinformation and propaganda.

★ Length of Quotes

The length of quotes in news articles is important for providing context, accuracy, verifiability, and transparency to readers. They help differentiate between facts and opinions, reduce bias, and empower readers to form their own opinions based on reliable information directly from the sources.

★ Number of Quotes

The number of quotes in news publications is important for presenting diverse perspectives, verifying information, ensuring balance and fairness, providing transparency, and engaging readers. They play a crucial role in building the credibility of the news article and empowering readers to understand the complexities of the story.

★ Number of Unique Sources

A higher amount of unique sources used in publications and articles helps build reader trust and journalistic integrity. Additionally, it reduces bias and combats misinformation in articles while increasing the depth of coverage in an increasingly objective article. This allows for fairness and cross-checking perspectives in anything you read.

★ Media Bias Ratings

The technology used at Biasly is industry-leading technology. The Chrome Extension Bias Meter is always improving, and adapting to the current day to give users accurate and reliable information on their news sources. This makes it a cut above the rest. The Chrome Extension Bias Meter uses a complex algorithm that is trained to identify certain components of an article such as sources, viewpoints, and quotes. Using artificial intelligence, articles are scanned to determine their political Bias.

Biasly News Check scores are on a scale of -100% to 100% with higher negative scores being more liberal and higher positive scores being more conservative, and 0% being neutral. Through this scale, you can measure how much a piece of news is biased toward a specific point of view. Be it liberal, conservative, or neutral, you can judge and take decisions on this scale.

★ Politician Portrayals

Through the chrome extension, the portrayal of politicians shows how positively or negatively the author portrays the politician. Negative and positive sentiment scores are on a scale of -100% to 100% with higher negative scores showing in a more negative light and higher positive scores showing in a more positive light through this. This is important to understand the positive and negative sentiments that each news organization has for any politician. For instance, a Republican may have a negative review on a liberal-leaning site and a healthy one on a conservative-leaning website. Conversely, having a candidate be negatively reviewed by their party-affiliated news organization may provide extra clarity on the transparency and trust that media outlets and the public as a whole might have in each politician. Furthermore, at Biasly you will be able to see the stance of each politician on heated topics at any time based on the quotes that are sourced from around the web.

★ Policy Leaning

Individual policies and sentiments towards those policies will show how the author portrays or mentions a policy in its articles and how the average reader interprets it. With this extension, you will also see a quantified number of positive or negative sentiments that the author makes in their article.  Understanding the policy leanings of any article is a key way to understand potential manipulations and bias in articles from any news source. Depending on the policy leanings and reliability of news organizations allows us to have constructive discourse and allow for the spreading of healthy opinions among readers. Additionally, understanding the policy leanings of any publication allows us to determine the amount of transparency and trust that each news organization will have for its viewers.

★ For Educators, News Agencies, Politicians, and Everyone Around the World

The Biasly News Check extension is made for people who are interested in learning or teaching students about media biases in the news and how these can affect someone’s perception of the news. With an in-depth, categorial breakdown of each article, we give you actionable insights into how you might read the news and understand what is going on behind the scenes. Media portrayal plays a big role in shaping people’s perceptions of what a piece of news is and how favorable is it for a specific politician.

★ Getting Started

The Biasly News Check extension is also made for those who are more interested in the bigger picture and want to learn the truth with a short analysis of the news rather than just reading headlines. The extension requires an account, which you can create immediately after the installation. As of now, all bias ratings are free with the extension.

How to set up the Chrome extension:

  1. Install the free Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Follow the prompts to create your free account or log in if you are already a member.
  3. Once logged in, pin the Chrome icon to your browser. To do this, click on the puzzle icon next to your profile picture in Chrome, then scroll down and look for the bias meter as shown in the image below this list.
  4. Now, visit a political news website of your choice, and then click on the icon to begin checking the news. It will take a few seconds for the bias rating to be generated, which you can share with friends on social media.
  5. Also, as you browse Facebook and Twitter, the Chrome extension will provide media bias information about news articles that show up in your feed. The ratings will show at the bottom of each post with a link to learn more.

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