About Biasly

About Biasly

We founded Biasly in 2017 because we saw an increasing need to bring clarity to media biases found in political news. In the polarized sphere of media narratives, we feel the challenges people are facing when consuming political content and engaging in political discourse. We also recognize that in an increasingly screen-centric world, teaching media literacy will be crucial to educating and empowering new generations against political biases.

With research showing that Americans do not trust 44% of the news they consumed, Biasly’s work has never been more important. Finding truly objective, factual political news is not easy and often impossible. What’s possible is identifying biases in the news and offering the full picture through stories across the political spectrum to help people make informed choices about issues that matter to them.

Behind the Technology

At Biasly, we have developed an industry-leading Bias Meter which scans hundreds of articles every day to determine political bias that uses artificial intelligence. The Bias Meter uses a complex algorithm that is trained to identify certain components of an article such as tone and language. As well as not having the inherent biases of a human being, the algorithm in our Bias Meter is always learning and improving as we continually supply it with new data. This technology is rigorous in delivering a true and accurate reading of bias in the news you read.

To bolster our A.I. ratings, we also have a talented and diverse team of analysts from across the political spectrum who are dedicated to finding biases in the news using Biasly’s analyst rating methodology. Within the rating methodology, there are seven metrics to calculate a bias score between -100 and 100 with negative numbers being liberal, zero being neutral, and positive numbers being conservative. Each article is rated by three team members including one left-leaning, one moderate, and one conservative-leaning analyst. These scores are then averaged into one composite bias score for each article.

Bias-Free Approach

At Biasly, we do not tolerate bias in our work as we hold the same standard when analyzing our works just like when we analyze other news sources. We have no agenda regarding which stories and where we place them on our Home Page. We also display a variety of articles from multiple perspectives and randomly rotate different news sources to provide a fair representation of the story at all times.

We are committed to bringing high-class Media Literacy education to K-12 schools as today’s students will be tomorrow’s journalists, and politicians. Through our courses and education platforms, we encourage students to engage in social discourse in a positive, informed way. We have developed Media Literacy Education Platform which provides educators the tools they need to train their students to better understand prejudice in the media and empower them to be forward-thinkers.

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