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Abortion Care in America : AJN The American Journal of Nursing

Sep 28, 2022 View Original Article
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Contributing sentiments towards policy:

53% :Two weeks after the reversal of Roe, President Biden signed an executive order to protect access to reproductive health care services, improve public education, and ensure that pregnant people receive the emergency medical care afforded to them under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA).
50% : Through the website Abortion on Demand (, for example, clinicians prescribe medications to patients who are within nine weeks of pregnancy and ages 18 and older.
49% : This type of abortion is FDA sanctioned for up to 10 weeks of gestational age but is used safely off label later (the World Health Organization recommends its use until 12 weeks).
48% : In addition, many providers (unlike Abortion on Demand) don't track patients' location; they simply ask for a mailing address.
45% : "Unfortunately," she adds, "sometimes covering topics such as abortion in the undergraduate curricula is dictated by the personal beliefs of faculty or their comfort level in discussing the topic.
39% : "There is state variation in restricting the use of telehealth for abortion," says Cesario, "ranging from little control to total banning of the practice.
37% : Is it being used as sabotage?"And what of the reverse situation -- the clinician who lives in a state where abortion is banned but believes providing abortion care is an ethical duty?
37% : "For 49 years," says Watson, "opponents of abortion were not able to change hearts and minds.
35% : In states where abortion remains legal, abortion providers who don't believe in reproductive rights may choose to refrain based on "conscientious refusal."
35% : First, rather than travel to a clinic in a state allowing abortion, the patient can travel just across the border to a state where abortion is legal to have the telehealth appointment, a potentially shorter trip that could save time and money.
35% : "And, because pregnancy complications are riskier than abortion, I am concerned that recent initiatives to restrict abortion access could lead to even more deaths of Black women, worsening the disparity.
32% : Another five states -- Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Utah, and Florida -- have banned abortion at six, 15, 18, or 20 weeks.
32% : This would equate abortion with crimes such as attempted capital murder, aggravated sexual assault, and aggravated kidnapping, which carry sentences of five to 99 years or life in prison.

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