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Bias Meter & Data Licensing Services

Reputation and credibility are essential elements in the world of journalism and advertising. But do you know how to increase your news agency’s reputation and credibility even if the news sources you cover have their own biases? Or how to ensure your ads appear on quality news websites to maintain your brand’s credibility? Biasly’s bias meter rating system and political data licensing tools and services have provided a constructive solution to grant you reputation and credibility. 

Our bias meter data licensing and API services provide ratings of news in real-time and with helpful metrics and analytics on various subjects, politicians, and political topics that make reading the news an enjoyable process. Readers can better understand content and leanings through the lens of critical thinking, which has become more important in the age of mediatization.

The Biasly team, through the Bias Meter, hopes to convey its commitment to media literacy in political journalism that has been deprioritized in an era of ever-growing polarization, in order to be able to promote agendas, or interests through the media. We believe that our Bias Meter, through rating biases in the media, is a major step in the right direction.

How it Works

Our proprietary algorithm was developed by data science experts who have specialized in predictive analysis, Python convolutional neural networks, among many others. These specializations are used to enhance machine learning and better predict biases in the media. As data enters and passes through the connected networks, the data is then transformed into a score on the meter.

At Biasly, we use natural language processing (NLP) and entity-specific sentiment analysis to transform said data. The aforementioned tools can then analyze text to see how the positive or negative sentiment affects the text. This process is done by the use of algorithms that learn a desired output, by analyzing a large amount of data that functions as an example of the desired output.

How it Helps Companies

How does Biasly Bias Meter help your brand to gain legitimacy?

How it Helps Readers

Political bias has altered the media into mere opinions. We seek to combat that by providing readers with a tool to truly understand the news content published.

Our A.I. bias meter rates news articles’ political leanings automatically by examining a series of neural, sentimental, and linguistic cues.

With natural language processing (NLP) and entity-specific sentiment analysis, the Bias Meter provides in-depth political article analysis by examining how policies, political terms, biased words, and politicians discussed affect the text.

After careful examination and analysis, A.I. produces a score between -100% and 100% to display an article’s political leaning. The article is biased toward liberals if its score is closer to -100% while it is biased toward conservatives if its score is closer to 100%.

Our proprietary algorithm employs predictive analysis and Python convolutional neural networks to improve our media bias prediction.

Biasly Bias Meter helps readers to understand the background and bias behind news articles, opinion pieces, and documentaries

By verifying the political leaning of articles, media sources, and authors, we help readers to understand current events and draw their own conclusions.

Our media literacy education website tools help readers to increase media literacy and develop critical thinking skills.


Our Bias Meter Licensing Services is a series of services that highlights and rates the political bias within media and it grants legitimacy to your brand by:
Bias Meter Ratings For Your Site
Media Bias Articles

Bias Meter ratings for your site

The Biasly Bias Meter, is a tool that helps readers understand the political leaning of articles, media sources, politicians or authors. Our bias meter licensing services provide interactive artificial intelligence and insightful analytics to help audiences understand what they are reading on your site.  

As aggregators are constantly reposting articles from multiple media sources, Bias Meter Ratings provides a great tool to offer their readers a way to really understand the content published. When readers understand the background behind a certain article, opinion piece, or even a news story, can interpret the facts the way they should be. The Bias Meter is precisely the tool that can help readers level with media agencies to combat the effects of bias in their interpretations of events. Because when readers can understand the context of a story and know the biases in an article they can have a clearer path towards the complete truth behind a story.

Biasly’s bias meter rating system and media literacy education website tools provide a positive way in improving and retaining readership for news sources, aggregators, and alternative news sites. 

These tools have helped allow users see and understand what they are reading through individual, real-time A.I. bias ratings included side-by-side with news articles. Such political news websites have received credibility as a whole and on individual articles shared. All in all, our Bias Meter Licensing Solution provides immediate credibility to aggregators who wish to restore the people’s trust in the media.


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