Bias Rating Services

While Biasly continues to seek a utopia of unbiased journalism, we recognize that we all still carry our own biases due to our unique experiences. As long as humans are involved in writing news articles, there will always be some level of personal bias. However, as a journalist, ensuring that your media output is as factual as possible is critical to expanding both the quality and quantity of your readership. In your quest to uphold the truth, Biasly can give you a hand by providing our Bias Rating Services to improve your journalism and work.


Partisan media can impact voter judgment and decision-making, and ultimately change the course of history. Delivering credible and balanced news so that consumers can make informed and educated choices for themselves is not only critical to expanding your audience, but also essential to the functioning of a reliable and trustworthy democracy.

It is crucial for media professionals to understand their companies’ political stances but it is difficult to make these assessments from the inside. Thus, having a company like Biasly audit your news for bias and reliability is an investment that will give you an advantage in today’s media market. Here at Biasly, we can give you professional insight into your company’s media bias and accuracy issues. With our unique combination of algorithmic and analyst evaluations, we can provide state-of-the-art analysis that enables you to produce more informative and accurate content for your audience.

Through our Media Audit Services, we provide a full analysis of either your original source material or any article of your choosing. We use a combination of analyst-led and algorithmic tools to ensure that media reliability standards are met.

Using our A.I. bias meter, we can analyze your article output and determine political leaning accurately and efficiently.  Articles can be analyzed over a period of time to give a view of how biases are portrayed across the political spectrum. Our auditors will present the results of the analysis in a clear way and provide guidance on how you can address the biases and reliability issues and help you better write you article