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Candidate Questionnaire: Nathan Click, US House, District 13

Apr 29, 2022 View Original Article
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Contributing sentiments towards policy:

60% : We are behind other developed nations in areas of transportation, low-cost high-speed internet, and clean energy production.
60% : We need to: invest in modernizing U.S. transportation through the development of interstate electric high-speed rail, support the development of a low-cost, high-speed internet network throughout the country; support unconditional net-neutrality; invest in clean energy solutions that include rapid expansion of properly regulated nuclear power plants as well as solar and wind power, with the goal of replacing ALL coal and fossil fuel as quickly as possible; invest in electric vehicle technology and local public transportation with the goal of minimizing fossil fuel use and ending our nation's dependence on foreign fossil fuel as soon as possible.
54% : Once landlords are in the program, we need tough anti-discrimination rules to make sure things are fair.
52% : We need to: 1) drastically and rapidly decrease our carbon emissions by cutting our dependence on fossil fuels; 2) focus on developing and expanding renewable and sustainable energy options such as wind, solar, and nuclear; 3) provided economic business incentives for environmentally friendly innovations; 4) develop a clean energy transportation infrastructure; and 5) provide job transition for individuals in working in displaced industries.
52% : Everyone should be treated with equity and have fair representation regardless of race, creed, class, sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation.
51% : The Affordable Care Act has done wonders to provide health coverage to tens of millions of Americans who would otherwise not be able to afford coverage.
51% : As the North Carolina State Leader for Stand-Up Republic, I volunteered my time to lead efforts to strengthen government accountability.
48% : From lack of access to health care to unemployment to student loan debt, ect.
45% : I believe that the three main drivers are media misinformation, lack of political leadership, and shortfalls in public education.
44% : Our economy caters to Wall Street not Main Street as billionaires pay less in taxes than many working families.
41% : The third issue is public education.

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