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Extend the Cease-Fire in Gaza—but Don’t Stop There

Nov 27, 2023 View Original Article
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Contributing sentiments towards policy:

56% : This time, however, Turkey and Qatar—U.S. security partners who maintain open channels to Iran and Hamas—should be invited, as well.
56% : But an American commitment to a sustained diplomatic process grounded in international law would be a giant leap toward a secure and peaceful future for both peoples.
51% : The goal should be to secure a comprehensive resolution of the conflict in accordance with international law.
48% : Binding themselves to the obligations of statehood and acceding to treaties that require responsible conduct is a nonviolent way of doing so—one that accords with international law and that should be applauded, not discouraged or penalized.
44% : To make good on Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s November 8 statement that there can be no return to a manifestly unsustainable status quo ante, the United States must change its overall approach and commit to a broad-based diplomatic process that can finally resolve the conflict and prioritize rights and dignity for people in the region.
43% : It could also help calm tensions in the West Bank and reduce the risk that the war could escalate by drawing in outside actors, such as the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah and its patron, Iran.
40% : Washington must no longer allow Israel or any other country to use weapons purchased from the United States or financed by U.S. aid to violate international humanitarian law—as Israel likely has during the Gaza war—or for any purposes proscribed by U.S. law.
38% : Far from creating peace, that approach—which Biden adopted shortly after taking office—merely gives cover to permanent Israeli control of the occupied Palestinian territories and the denial of fundamental Palestinian national, political, and human rights, in violation of international law.
37% : Washington must reinstate legal guidance that settlements are inconsistent with international law.
33% : Whatever formula emerges, it must contend with the baseline reality that the indefinite Israeli occupation and de facto annexation of Palestinian territory is illegal under international law.

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