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media Source analytics Platform

Discover real-time insights into media bias and political leanings through our analytics platform that is built for news websites, media sources, and newspapers.

Our Bias Meter and rating methodologies are based on artificial intelligence with various facets providing ratings on media sources, politicians, journalists, real-time articles, and more that are uniquely available to Biasly’s subscribers.

Analytics for News Source Teams

Media Source Analytics Pricing

Our all-in-one platform provides bias and reliability analytics and news insights and allows news sources to publish information to their audience.

Check biases on new articles

Before publishing, users can rate new articles that haven’t been published yet to analyze them for bias and reliability including detailed scores. All the user must do is submit the title and body of the article with source links as they would show up in the published article.

rate new article

The most complete News analytics platform

Exclusive data analytics using our patent-pending A.I. analytics

Media bias charts

Compare your news source, authors, and articles with various interactive media bias charts

Identify media bias in individual articles

Includes Biasly’s bias and reliability ratings on individual articles and news sources.

In-depth analytics on your news source

Compare how your new agency leans on policy, politicians, biases, and more.

News Agency and Author Ranks

See where your news agency and author ranks among thousands on media, author, and article bias charts.

Assessing the competitive environment

analyst bias chart

Media Bias Chart

Search thousands of news agencies, including their biases and reliability through Biasly’s two Media Bias Charts based on artificial intelligence and analyst ratings. Examine how your news sources compare to others using these charts. Negative scores lean left while positive ones lean right.

Author Bias Chart

The Author Bias Chart rates thousands of authors’ biases and which news agency they work for.  Filter by news source to see where each journalist ranks on the spectrum.


Article Bias Chart

The Article Bias Chart provides a side-by-side comparison of articles with liberal, neutral, and conservative biases for selected news sources.  You can filter by political policies and politicians mentioned in articles to get a more in-depth view of the analytics.

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The MAP can be used for the following reasons

Assess the competitive landscape

Assess how you compare with competitors for media sources, biases, and content generation.

Manage media sources and blogs

Manage your news source profile, collect and email followers, and blogs to edit, rate, or save to future purposes.

Evaluate biases and reliability

Evaluate biases of any author, news source, policy, or politician.

Media literacy for your team

Educate journalists and editing teams on media literacy, aligning your team.

Compare ratings

Compare biases of any two or more authors, news articles, and new agencies.

Plan content and strategize

Assess and adjust content strategies.

Boost Media Literacy With Our Journalist Course

In our increasingly interconnected world, the media has become a crucial part of our lives. The flood of information we receive daily necessitates the need for discerning and responsible media consumers. This Media Bias Education course aims to equip you with the tools to navigate this information-rich landscape effectively.

media literacy course

Why Choose Biasly's Analytics for your Company?

Bias media analytics is essential in today’s world for media sources, news websites, and newspapers interested in understanding and navigating the complex and ever-changing news and political landscape of the world.

Our comprehensive, user-friendly platform empowers users to approach media analytics with a data-driven contemporary approach to media analytics. This empowers news outlets to address bias and credibility concerns, thereby expanding their footprint within the media industry.

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