Media Bias Education Software Platform (MBES)

Striving to educate your students to become well-reasoned thinkers that can provide value in a contested political climate?  Biasly’s Media Bias Education Software platform (MBES) is designed with that purpose in mind. Biasly’s Media Bias Education Software platform (MBES) is software designed for educators devoted to teaching their students how to rate biases in the news and improve media literacy. It will not only help students to learn about media bias, but also stakeholders including parents, teachers, educators, and the community.

Our goal is to empower society with inquisitive and well-reasoned thinkers to stand out from the crowd and provide insight into systems flushed with extreme ideals. It is more important than ever to have a new generation that understands the differences in media bias and polarization in political news, media, and the perspectives within them.Our Media Bias Education Software platform (MBES) is devoted to help educators teach their students the following:

  • Learn about media bias and how to rate them
  • Improve media literacy
  • Become a generation that is immune from ideals, agendas, or competing interests of biased parties within the news

Who We Can Help

Our courses and Media Bias Education Software are designed for all types of education institutions including, but not limited to:

K-12 Schools

Grade school media literacy curriculums and software that are designed for all ages from Kindergarten to 12th grade

Home Schools

Learning and practicing how to recognize media bias at home using our media bias education software for all ages outside of the school environment

private school

Private Schools

Private institutions and education programs that are interested in providing additional educational resources, software, and practical exercises to students


College and Post-Secondary

Helping university, college, and other post-secondary education programs and students with their political and media news consumption including but not limited to Political Science, Social Sciences, Business, English, and Technology departments


Begin your journey by helping provide media literacy education to your students, school, and the community.  Take them to the next level.

Media Literacy & Bias Education Course

Media Literacy and Bias education course with video instruction, trainings, practices, quizzes

Assign Articles to Your Students

Assign articles to your students for them to rate and then compare that with the A.I. sentiment rating tool

Advanced Reporting

View ratings by student or group bias rating scores and averages with metrics, statistics and course progress

Teacher Training Materials

Learn how to administer the MBES to students, teach students to rate article and develop media literacy skills

A.I. Ratings

Evaluate articles with our A.I. rating tool to gather insights into ratings and access our database with 3,200+ news sources analyzed and rated

Course Certifications

Students receive a course completion certificate and additional badges/awards based on the number of articles they have submitted into the system

Media Bias Education Software Benefits

Our MBES course education program will provide you and your students with the following benefits:

  • Master our official MBES Rating Metric System
  • Become proficient at discovering different perspectives and examples in the channels.
  • Learn about the history, effects, and various forms of media bias
  • Verify the political leaning of articles, media sources, and authors
  • Recognize their own personal biases and how the bias affects their point of view.
  • Develop media literacy and critical thinking skills and apply them to daily life.
Once students grasp the concept, they can rate content based on what they learned, then compare their ratings to our A.I. rating system and compare differences between them. Biasly’s media bias education program not only helps students understand media bias better, but also helps them recognize their own personal biases and learn how to compare them with innovative A.I. and data science technologies. Reach out for a free consultation on our programs and packages available. 

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