Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder Holds an On-Camera Press Briefing

Oct 21, 2022 View Original Article
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56% : So, on Iran, so switching, flip -- flipping back and forth here between Iran and -- and the memo here.
56% : And in the case of Iran, clearly to seek drone capability.
52% : And so, they have been reaching out to countries like Iran, to North Korea, to seek additional ammunition.
48% : Is -- does the Pentagon assess that the Russians are asking for more drones from Iran specifically or more being sent -- they're on the way?
47% : Whether or not they will continue to do that, you know, certainly something for Iran -- or Russia to -- to address, but we will keep an eye on that.
46% : And so, in terms of what that means, obviously, again, we continue to see Iran be complicit in terms of exporting terror, not only in the Middle East region, but now also to Ukraine.
46% : And, you know, as you as you look at some of the public -- public comments that have come from Iran, I think, as evidenced by the drones themselves, as evidenced by the fact that they continue to export terror, as I mentioned, not only in the Middle East region, but in Ukraine.
45% : If not, is it generally any way to, you know, confirm that they were made in Iran and given to Russia?
45% : So, to answer your first question, I mean, we know that these drones are from Iran.
45% : Or was it basically to issue a press release, as a -- as a public warning to Russia and Iran?
44% :Q: Another question on Iran and -- and Ukraine, where -- where are these drones being launched from in Ukraine?
42% : And abortion has become such a central topic of this election.
41% : But again, it's just indicative of the kinds of rhetoric that you hear coming from Iran, and from Russia, trying to say that these are not Iranian drones when they clearly are.
39% : But on Iran, from a DOD perspective, our focus continues to be on supporting the Ukrainians in their fight.
36% : First, the White House said this afternoon that there's evidence now that Iran actually has troops on the ground in Crimea, supporting Russia's invasion.
36% : I know you've heard NSC, and State Department talk about actions that the U.S. government is taking, particularly on a diplomatic and economic track when it comes to potential sanctions, again, against Iran.
24% : Q: Just two quick follow-ups; on Iran is kind of gone -- considering any steps to take or any further sanctions against Iran because of their support.

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