Political & Media Consulting Services

Our political media and news source consultation services are offered by Biasly to media professionals who wish to learn about media literacy and address media bias within their organizations. Reputation and credibility are the defining elements of journalism quality and we can help you to improve those by providing consulting services about media literacy and bias analysis in news reporting. We can also help you expand your news source’s reach to more readers through our target audience research and advertising consultation services.

who We can help

Examples of customers who we can provide media consultation services include, but are not limited to:

news publishers

News & Data Publishers

Media agencies and news sources that need assistance with media bias analysis, data consulting, market positioning, and media literacy education



Politicians that need help understanding their positioning through the use of data and sentiment leanings

advertising firms

Marketing and Advertising Firms

We provide consulting to marketing and advertising firms on media bias and data use, market positioning, and customer screening

news reporters


Journalists, reporters, editors, and content teams across the entire lifecycle of an article can benefit from our media bias trainings, courses, and individual consulting


Small to large scale businesses that need help screening advertising providers and other vendors for political leanings, as well as providing media literacy education services to employees

research institutions

Education & Research

Institutions that may need help with data consulting, education programs, media literacy, and speaking engagements

Media Consultation Services

Receive political media consultation for your news source publishing team including writers, editors, authors, journalists, TV broadcasters and more

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Comprehensive Media Bias Analysis

At Biasly, we specialize in identifying biases in news reporting. Our meticulous evaluation of language, tone, and content provides actionable insights and strategies to understand and address biases, helping your news organization maintain credibility and trust.

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Strategic Bias Positioning

We understand that bias is not only about elimination but also transparent acknowledgment. Biasly assists in identifying your target audience and positioning content in alignment with their expectations, whether catering to a specific demographic or maintaining balanced reporting.

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Tailored Training and Education in Bias Management

Biasly offers customized training sessions, workshops, and courses to equip journalists and media professionals with the tools to recognize and handle bias. Our expert guidance helps ensure fair and responsible reporting.

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Content Strategy Development and Alignment

We assist in crafting a cohesive content strategy that includes content planning, storytelling alignment, and multimedia integration. Biasly's services help build consistency and credibility, forging a stronger connection with your readers and viewers.

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Audience Engagement Analytics and Strategy

Understanding your audience is key to success. Biasly’s analytics services delve into reader and viewer behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns. We tailor content to meet your audience's needs, fostering loyalty and meaningful interaction.

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Crisis Management and Reputation Preservation

Navigating controversies or public relations challenges? Biasly provides strategic advice on communication, helping you handle complex situations with grace and preserving your reputation.

Bias Coaching

Authors will be coached in the fields of objective writing, bias neutrality, and keeping personal loyalties in check when writing a news story to fit the leaning of the news source.


We will mold journalists, authors, and editors into bastions of factual reporting by making their news story writing more neutral and objective. Authors should be objective as they will be perceived as sources of information.

Accurate Writing

Over time authors will keep their biases in check, and their writing will become more accurate and politically charged, making them able to provide objective, accurate news to the readers.

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A.I. Bias Meter

Through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Biasly team has developed its data analytics for users and firms of all types. The Bias Meter serves as a tool that accompanies the consultant through analyzing the article’s keywords usages such as politicians and social issues mentioned.

Digital Transformation and Optimization

In an increasingly online world, Biasly helps guide your digital transformation. From optimizing online platforms to creating engaging digital content, we ensure that your news organization resonates with modern audiences.

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A.I. and Analyst Assistance

Our A.I. and Anslyst Ratings will provide a combined and thorough bias rating, providing both machine and human input for writers and editors to effectively analyze every part of your articles.

Getting Started

Take your organization and content to the next level through our political media consultation by integrating a more targeted strategy to increase and maintain readership, educate your staff on their personal biases, and provide media literacy education options to your customers.

  • Appropriate Bias Levels: Biasly’s experience with media bias and political analysis, has helped our team of consultants to be able to determine proper levels of political leaning that will not affect the accuracy of the story being reported while allowing news agencies to maintain their stances.

  • Developing a Target Audience: Through analysis of readers, the author’s personal biases, and the publisher’s track record, Biasly can help the author use appropriate levels of opinion and tone to increase the target audience without being misleading.

  • Empower Your Content Teams: We can help your teams better control their content and leanings through our bias rating methodologies and A.I. resources which include analyses of tone, diction, tendency, objectivity, accuracy, reliability, and more.

  • Advertising Audits: Auditing which advertisers are a good fit and which are not for your brand.  Additionally, providing recommendations and in some cases introductions to new advertisers that align with your media’s political leaning, customer base, and bias profile.

  • Customized Solutions: At Biasly, we recognize that every client is unique. We offer customized solutions that align with your specific needs and goals, providing a tailored approach to media bias analysis, content strategy, audience engagement, and more.

  • Why Choose Biasly? In a rapidly evolving media landscape marked by polarization and mistrust, Biasly offers specialized consultation services to news organizations. Our commitment to transparency, integrity, and responsiveness sets us apart. Partner with us, and empower your news organization to navigate the complex challenges of modern journalism. Contact us today to discover how Biasly can make a difference for you.

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