Political Party Policy Stances

Using a combination of polling results, political party stances, and Congressional votes, we have been able to identify the general political preferences of American conservatives and liberals. The table below outlines the stances of political parties of Democrats and Republicans on current political issues. These political party stances are based off of the opinions and beliefs of the majority of each party.  Learn how the bias meter works

Political PoliciesRepublicansDemocrats
Affirmative ActionAgainstFor
Anti-Discrimination LawsAgainstFor
Assisted SuicideAgainstFor
Black Lives Matters PoliticizationAgainstFor
Border Asylum of RefugeesAgainstFor
Border Asylum of Undocumented ImmigrantsAgainstFor
Border DeportationsForAgainst
Border WallForAgainst
Campaign Finance RestrictionsForFor
Charter SchoolsForAgainst
China Diplomatic RelationsForFor
China TariffsForAgainst
Civil RightsForFor
Clean EnergyAgainstFor
Clinton ImpeachmentForAgainst
Coal MiningForAgainst
Common CoreAgainstFor
Competitive CapitalismForAgainst
Concealed Weapon CarryForAgainst
Covid-19 Stimulus ReliefAgainstFor
Covid-19 Vaccine MandateAgainstFor
Criminal Justice ReformForFor
Critical Race TheoryAgainstFor
Death PenaltyForAgainst
Drug Price RegulationAgainstFor
Electoral CollegeForAgainst
Embryonic Stem-Cell ResearchAgainstFor
Eminent DomainAgainstAgainst
Environmental RegulationsAgainstFor
Equal Rights AmendmentForFor
European UnionAgainstFor
Flat Tax RateForAgainst
Free College EducationAgainstFor
Government DependencyAgainstFor
Government InterventionAgainstFor
Government RegulationAgainstFor
Government SpendingAgainstFor
Government StimulusAgainstFor
Gun ControlAgainstFor
Guns in ClassroomsForAgainst
Health Care Government SpendingAgainstFor
Income Inequality LawsAgainstFor
Infrastructure InvestmentsForFor
International Free-TradeForFor
International InvolvementAgainstFor
Iran Nuclear DealAgainstFor
Iran SanctionsForFor
Jewish Nation State and SovereigntyForAgainst
Labor UnionAgainstFor
LGBTQ EqualityAgainstFor
Mandatory MinimumsForAgainst
Marijuana Legalization for Medical UseForFor
Marijuana Legalization for Recreational UseAgainstFor
Military SpendingForAgainst
Nationalistic IdealsForAgainst
Non-renewable EnergyForAgainst
North Korea SanctionsForFor
Oil DrillingForAgainst
Planned ParenthoodAgainstFor
Police FundingForAgainst
Prison ReformAgainstFor
Private EnterpriseForFor
Private HealthcareForAgainst
Private PropertyForFor
Protectionist TradeForAgainst
Public Education SpendingAgainstFor
Public EnterpriseAgainstFor
Qualified ImmunityForAgainst
Religious FreedomForAgainst
Russia SanctionsForFor
Sanctuary CitiesAgainstFor
School Choice VouchersForFor
Scientific Research Government SpendingAgainstFor
Separation of Church and StateAgainstFor
Shelter-in-place MandateForFor
Slavery ReparationsAgainstFor
Social Security PrivatizationForAgainst
Social Security SpendingAgainstFor
Socialized HealthcareAgainstFor
Student Debt CancellationAgainstFor
Systemic RacismAgainstFor
The Green New DealAgainstFor
Travel BanForAgainst
Trump ImeachmentAgainstFor
United NationsAgainstFor
Universal Basic IncomeAgainstFor
Universal HealthcareAgainstFor
Voter IdentificationForAgainst
Voting RightsForFor
War on DrugsForAgainst
War on TerrorForAgainst
War on Terror SpendingForAgainst
World Health OrganizationAgainstFor