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Isolationism is a government policy or doctrine of taking no role in the affairs of other nations.  A plurality of Republicans (46%) want greater isolationism compared to a near plurality of Democrats (32%).

survey by Pew Research in November 2018 found that Democrats are more likely than Republicans to prioritize promoting democracy in other nations (22% vs 11%), promoting and defending human rights abroad (39% vs 20%), and helping improve living standards in developing nations (32% vs 12%).

The House in October 2019, passed a resolution condemning President Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops from northern Syria by a vote of 354–60. A survey from the Pew Research Center in March 2022 found 73% Republicans saying that working closely with allies to respond to the Russian invasion is the right approach compared with 85% of Democrats. 85% of Republicans and 88% of Democrats favor maintaining strict economic sanctions on Russia. 75% of Republicans and 81% of Democrats favor keeping large numbers of U.S. military forces in NATO countries near Ukraine in response to the conflict.

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