Prison Reform Policy - Political Parties and Stances

Prison reform has long been a debated issue at all levels of American politics. The debate on prison reform is more centered along the lines of the length of punishment that is received by inmates. On this account, Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents are much more likely to say people convicted of crimes spend too much time in prison (41% and  21% respectfully) while the reverse is true among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents: 44% of Republicans say people convicted of crimes spend too little time in prison, while 14% say they spend too much time behind bars. Democratic and Republican politicians, like their followers, subscribe to these same beliefs as evidenced by voting patterns on S. 756: FIRST Step Act. This act was a prison reform bill that was voted upon by the United States Senate, with the vote being tallied as follows: 100% of Democrats voted Yea along with 31.5% of Republicans.

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