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Students, advocates rally in support of affirmative action

Nov 01, 2022 View Original Article
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Contributing sentiments towards policy:

62% : Christina Huang, an organizer with UNC for Affirmative Action, said the work of students and alumni at UNC have shown "the power of collaboration and solidarity," highlighting efforts to open an Asian American Center at UNC and to fight for pay increases for university housekeepers.
62% :Huang added she's at UNC because of affirmative action and said it's the responsibility of students, educators and alumni to ensure all students have equal access to education and valuable opportunities.
60% : "Affirmative action is essential, not just for a diverse student body but to create a more equitable society in general."
60% : Dozens of speakers highlighted the barriers communities of color face and how affirmative action in college admissions addresses those barriers.
58% : "I got in because of affirmative action, because my race is essential to my identity, and my story cannot be told without it," the sophomore said during a rally in front of the U.S. Supreme Court Monday morning.
52% :Supporters of ending affirmative action gathered Sunday in front of the Supreme Court for their own rally.
51% :Before Monday's hearing on two cases against Harvard and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which could mean the end for affirmative action, Arshad gathered with hundreds of other students and advocates to make the case for upholding the policies and to pledge to keep fighting, regardless of the outcome.
49% : "[Blum] is trying to use the Asian American community as a political wedge for his own political purposes, and we will not let him do that," Yang said, adding that affirmative action provides educational opportunities.
43% : Each time affirmative action has been challenged, it has been upheld.
42% :Chelsea Wang, co-educational political chair for the Harvard Asian American Association and leader of the Harvard Affirmative Action Coalition, said "the notion that affirmative action discriminates against Asian applicants is a malicious myth, and its abolition would only hurt disadvantaged Asians," Wang said.
41% : Edward Blum, a conservative activist, has led the recent charge against affirmative action.

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