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The most powerful moms in America are the new face of the Republican party

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Contributing sentiments towards policy:

70% : If you listen carefully, though, you may hear hints of a far more radical goal: getting rid of public schools altogether.
66% : At the conference, excitement about alternatives to public school was palpable.
57% : During one session, after a presenter had detailed the myriad ways in which public schools were indoctrinating students with dangerous ideas, a frazzled attendee asked, "How do we stop it?
55% : She told me that she and Descovich still believe in public education, but "if a parent feels that they need to pull their child out of the public education system, we completely support that."
55% : If you do choose to send your children to public school, the Moms for Liberty recommend that you approach your child's government-sponsored education with unyielding vigilance.
51% : They talk openly about "school choice," the education trend popularized by former US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, whose tenure was marked by her crusade to funnel public funds into private religious schools.
51% : This new guard of Florida charter schools is exempt from many federal education laws, including those that protect LGBTQ children and teachers from discrimination.
47% : She had looked into the local private schools but found the same kind of curriculum there, and she didn't want to pay $40,000 a year for her children to learn about "transgender stuff."
44% : In the wake of the killing of George Floyd, as protests swept the country, influencers folded the Black Lives Matter movement into their grand narrative, warning that its organizers had hatched a plan in cahoots with the global elites to destabilize the nation with divisive ideas about race.
42% : According to the National Charter School Alliance, Florida charter schools grew by nearly 4 percent from 2020-2021, while district public schools shrank by 3 percent.

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