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Trump's "moderation" on abortion is a lie

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Contributing sentiments towards policy:

60% : When Alabama disrupts fertility services by declaring that embryos have the same rights as people, those frozen bunches of cells have Trump to thank.
58% : As the New York Times reported in February, anti-abortion activists with close ties to Trump's campaign have developed a wide array of plans for restricting reproductive freedom through executive action.
51% : In a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll, voters said that they trusted Trump over the president on the economy, inflation, crime, and immigration.
50% : "My view is now that we have abortion where everyone wanted it from a legal standpoint, the states will determine by vote or legislation, or perhaps both," Trump said Monday morning in a video post on his social media platform Truth Social.
47% : Others are eyeing a little-known 1873 law called the Comstock Act.
45% : Now, with the Republican nomination firmly in his grip, Trump is finally spelling out his official position on abortion -- or at least, the line he plans to take into the general election.
44% : Biden, meanwhile, enjoyed a double-digit advantage on only one issue: by 47 points to 35 points, voters said they trusted the president over Trump to handle abortion policy.
40% : Given the constraints imposed by his coalition and record, "I think abortion policy should be left up to the states, although rape victims should always be able to get an abortion, and newborn babies shouldn't be executed" is about the most expedient stance that Trump could take.
39% : In the event that Republicans find a way to get a federal abortion ban through Congress, there is every reason to believe Trump will reward the Christian right's loyalty.
39% : Conservative legal scholar Jonathan F. Mitchell -- who represented Trump before the Supreme Court last year -- has suggested that Comstock bans not only the delivery of abortion pills, but of all the equipment required to conduct an abortion procedure.
38% : Trump understands that all this is a major political liability.
34% : Ideally, the press would not allow Trump to sustain this strategic ambiguity.
34% : Once in office, Trump will face no binding political constraints, as he will be ineligible to run for another term.
27% : It gestures at the median voter's discomfort with late-term abortions without committing Trump to either a national ban or any specific state-level week limit.
27% : Mitchell went on to say that he hoped Trump "doesn't know about the existence of Comstock, because I just don't want him to shoot off his mouth.
26% : Trump did, however, make clear that he believes that victims of rape or incest -- or women at risk of dying in childbirth -- should be exempt from all abortion restrictions.
24% : Trump has said that he considers his state's six-week abortion ban too extreme.
23% : Trump did specify that he doesn't think doctors should be allowed to kill newborn infants (although even in blue states, doctors are already legally prohibited from committing infanticide).
23% : Further, although Trump suggested that he doesn't think abortion should be banned nationally, he did not say that he would veto a national abortion ban, if one made it to his desk.
20% : "In other words, Trump suggested that he does not support a national abortion ban.

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