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We Failed to Protect Abortion Rights. We Need a Labor-Based Strategy.

May 13, 2022 View Original Article
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Contributing sentiments towards policy:

58% : Abortion gives them a focus.
57% : The only way out of the state-by-state strategic morass is to win a federal health program that includes abortion coverage -- so it is important to assess our seeming incapacity to knit together a reproductive rights coalition that sees universal health care as a medium-term goal.
56% : Third, the movement did not unambiguously get behind a federal universal health care plan.
49% : Well, the Right wasn't coming after Planned Parenthood because of the pap smears, were they?
48% : We decided that it was better to downplay abortion services at women's clinics and instead argue for the funding of Planned Parenthood because it provides routine pap smears.
46% : How, exactly, do we plan to defend the right to abortion by incorporating it into a broader health care agenda if we can't even defend the right to abortion in the first place?
46% : But we ought to ask why feminist actors have been unable to push nonprofits like Planned Parenthood to the left on health care.
36% : And it also speaks to why calls to deemphasize abortion lack a concrete policy strategy.
34% : The Right says that abortion is racist because its provision is a concerted attempt by white people (feminists) to kill black babies in the womb -- and we seem to agree at times by describing the history of abortion rights in the United States as a white women's issue, always and everywhere marred by the country's horrific episodes of forced sterilization.
30% : It is contradictory to demand that the abortion rights movement de-emphasize abortion when abortion is the issue that animates the Right's challenge.
21% : At every turn, from Hillary Clinton's abortion should be "safe, legal, and rare" speech to the Right's "abortion is racist" charge, we implicitly accepted that abortions are malign or allowed ourselves to be put on the defensive.
18% : Abortion is not the only reproductive health care issue that matters -- far from it -- but the contradiction between the demand to de-emphasize abortion in the movement and abortion being the spearhead of the Right's offensive holds here as well.

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