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All the Republicans running for president in 2024, explained

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Contributing sentiments towards policy:

61% : But as a prominent evangelical, Pence is hoping to appeal to religious conservatives' views on abortion, religious liberty, and education.
59% : Beyond abortion, Pence's policy group, Advancing American Freedom, has laid out a platform that includes an expansion of 529 college savings plans so they can be used for K-12 schools, promoting the rights of health care providers to decline to perform certain services on the basis of moral or religious objections, and rolling back climate change-related regulations.
47% : He told Fox News's Tucker Carlson after jumping into the race that his top priorities include ending affirmative action, "complete decoupling" from China, reenvisioning US immigration policy based on "merit," and using the American military to combat drug cartels in Central America.
45% : He has previously called out discrimination he's faced by police, including being pulled over at traffic stops, for example, while calling law enforcement a "noble" profession.
40% : His agenda touts many of the policies advanced by the Trump-Pence administration, including the still-incomplete construction of the border wall and the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.
40% : And as a Black man, he has critiqued the Black Lives Matter movement and called the idea of systemic racism a "lie," even though he had framed his policies in the recall election as benefiting Black people.
38% : He has also said that he would enact a 15-week national ban on abortion or "the most conservative pro-life legislation Congress can pass" if elected president.
36% : While in office, he pushed a conservative agenda centered on a near-total ban on abortion without exceptions for cases involving rape and incest, a law banning trans women from participating in school sports teams, and bans on Covid-19 vaccine mandates and state and local mask mandates.
25% : Though she had previously dismissed the prospect of running against Trump if he sought reelection, Trump's US ambassador to the United Nations and former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley announced in mid-February that she's running.
23% : He has called for a national abortion ban and has thrown his weight behind a proposal by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) that would ban abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy, and a ban on abortion pills.
23% : He's trying to carve out his own lane in the primary by running to the right of Trump on issues like Covid-19 and abortion and attempting to draw a contrast with Trump's bombastic leadership style.

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