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February 27, 2024

Biden’s war on household appliances threatens more than just your pocketbook

Why Troubling News:

This is alarming to me because Fox News has fabricated an "anti-consumer crusade" to scare viewers and further polarize people on topics that were not previously polerized or perceived as issues. Fox News is essentially asserting that updating regulations on water usage and efficiency is in direct contrast with personal liberty and economic freedom. This is simply not true, and this would likely not be an issue had Fox News not made it an issue. This further adds to the negative sentiments Fox viewers have against liberals. This will make it harder to find middle ground on unrelated issues because these views will see Biden and liberals as completely crazy. It can be expected that a conservative network would advocate against regulation, but the way in which Fox News is attacking the Biden administration is that rather than providing counterfacts that prove these new water and electric saving measures are not advantageous, they are attacking Biden on a fabricated agenda, which is lazy and above all dangerous for democracy.

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