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April 27, 2024

Brazil’s former president indicted over alleged falsification of COVID vaccination data

Why Troubling News:

This article is troubling for me because of its language. Despite Bolsonaro having already been indicted, the author refuses to acknowledge the reality of the issue. This is noticeable in the title, in which it is emphasized how the falsification is "alleged." In the article, the author also mentions protests in favor of Bolsonaro, claiming he is being wrongly persecuted. This is similar to the U.S. narrative of Donald Trump facing a "witch hunt." Both former presidents are extreme right-wing populists, which fits the narrative as to why Fox News, a news source with conservative bias, would be portraying this in a positive light for him.


  1. SvgBeast610

    Fox News is notoriously right-leaning. It is no surprise that it shows the bias you noticed, unfortunately. It is difficult to find neutral and reliable sources in today’s media landscape.

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