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January 19, 2024

Has Biden bribed Mexico to control border – and help him win the election?

Why Troubling News:

This article puts forward a lot of theories that there is little detail to support. The author discusses how Biden and the President of Mexico have created a secret deal to lower immigration. Later in the article, the author writes about how the Mexican president is trying to help Biden win the election because he is better for the country than Trump. In the last paragraph, he writes that the leader of Mexico is likely to continue allowing immigrants to enter the US. These are alarming claims. The article implies that the AMLO and Biden are using corrupt tactics to ensure Biden's reelection. It is also alarming to blame a foreign leader for the current problems at our own southern border.


  1. HonestHorse7

    This article does seem to include a lot of unsupported claims. There seem to be multiple forms of bias within this article which should be noted.

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