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March 22, 2024

How The Democrats Plan to Steal The Election

Why Troubling News:

While reading this article, it is clear that the author is against Biden and the Democratic Party. It continuously accuses them of stealing the 2020 election from Trump. It further goes on to discuss how the Democrats will steal the election in 2024 as well. It accuses, without providing evidence to back up the claims, that cities like Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Detroit helped to ensure Trump's defeat in the swing states. The article further goes into a huge conspiracy about COVID, Mark Zuckerberg, and various other organizations and individuals helping the Biden campaign. This article is provides no factual information to back up their claims. It repeatedly makes assertions that they are unable to back up. It is a story that was clearly written to slander Biden and the Democratic Party. The author wants Republicans to believe that the election was stolen from them.


  1. Ruba Al-baddawi

    Yes, it is biased against the Democratic party.

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