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May 31, 2024

Joe Manchin Leaves the Democratic Party in Desperate Bid to Save His Career

Why Troubling News:

Right off the bat, this article is dripping with bias. The diction of the author is very conservative, and he's writing for an outlet that immediately gives readers a popup ad encouraging them to "fight back against the left." When the author says things like "With all due respect to West Virginians, if they fall for this, they deserve the representation they get" and "West Virginians should still never give him another vote," he's revealing where he stands on key issues. Clearly, he stands on the right side of the political spectrum. Biasly has also flagged this article and network both as extremely conservative.


  1. GraciousElephant5

    This article is very concerning. Saying that they “deserve the representation they get” is very unprofessional.

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