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March 15, 2024

John Roberts Just Dropped the Hammer on Rogue, Lawless Trump Judges

Why Troubling News:

This article is troubling because it does not provide a comprehensive explanation of a policy created by The Judicial Conference of the United States that is meant to restore the random assignment of court cases. The explanation that is provided contains left-leaning bias and frames Republicans in a negative light. For example, it is written: "Worse, a handful of Republican-appointed judges have made a habit of issuing sweeping decisions that apply nationwide—hobbling the federal government, short-circuiting the democratic process, and transferring inconceivable amounts of power into the hands of a few unelected jurists." The diction and tone are meant to inspire an emotional reaction among the readers, and there is a general lack of right-leaning perspectives in this piece. The information is also portrayed as fact, even though much of it is opinion.

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