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January 24, 2024

Time Out reveals world’s best cities for 2024

Why Troubling News:

Such an article would, of course, be always subjective. "Factors including cities’ food scenes, architecture, and cultural happenings were taken into account." as the source mentions, is not enough to come up with the conclusion of the best cities. Similarly, 20,000 city dwellers is not a large enough sample for evaluation. Have they been in every single city in the world? Do they cover the preferences of all, or at least most of the population? Since everyone has different preferences, for such ratings (each of the item), there should be a reason for its position mentioned in the article, especially for the purpose, as the article mentions: "to provide “inspiration for travel” but also a “global snapshot of city living." Argumentation is missing. Why is Cape town, rated the second best although: “South Africa may be celebrating 30 years of democracy, but the inequality in cities like Cape Town is starker than ever,” as the author of the article emphasizes? Although seemingly an innocent article that only reveals ratings, it could lead to disappointment If seriously considered creditable.


  1. ramonatodd

    I would agree with this one. A topic like this is so subjective unless there’s a set of clear measurements they used to come up with the ranking of the “best cities.”

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