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March 31, 2024

Trump Campaign: Easter Is Not a Time for ‘Transgender Day’

Why Troubling News:

Article claims that the celebration of Trans Visibility Day on Easter Sunday is a deliberate attack on US Christians by the White House. Even if it does mention the fact that the date of Trans Visibility Day was picked in 2009, the author says that "it was not lost on Republicans that the White House moved to highlight the day as it fell on Easter Sunday", Making it seem as if it was an obvious plot/attack, when in reality the two dates just happened to overlap this year. It also gives the impression that the author equals being non-Christian to doing something inherently wrong, and that he considers that the gov. is favouring minorities over the larger population. Both tendencies open the door for discriminatory practices and inflammatory responses.


  1. GraciousElephant5

    Completely agree with your argument. It is merely a coincidence, and yet, conservatives are using it to push forth their political agenda.

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  2. Ruba Al-baddawi

    Yeah I believe it’s a coincidence

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