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January 19, 2024

Trump looms over E. Jean Carroll defamation trial even in absence

Why Troubling News:

While the paragraph objectively details the events of E. Jean Carroll's defamation trial against Donald Trump, it subtly uses biased language favoring Carroll. Phrases like "looming presence," "admonished," and "continued to call fabrication" paint Trump in a negative light, while Carroll's side appears more neutral. Additionally, highlighting Trump's accusations against the judge and Carroll reinforces a negative image. For a more neutral approach, consider replacing language like "looming presence" with factual descriptions of his absence, replace "continued to call fabrication" with "reiterated his defense," and avoid highlighting only the most inflammatory parts of Trump's remarks. This would provide a more balanced perspective while still conveying the key information.


  1. SincereMonkey3

    I believe so, also phrases such as ‘”Trump blasted Carroll,” or “Trump complained to Habba” have the Anti-Trump feeling to it.

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