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May 29, 2024

Trump Responds to De Niro’s Clown Show of a Presser

Why Troubling News:

There is an evident bias against Biden's campaign ad, and De Niro, who appears in this ad. This is indicated by how the title refers to De Niro's appearance in the ad as a "clown show". Also, while the author does well at quoting the ad, she only uses comments that speak negatively about the ad. Lastly, the editor's note states, "America won't survive another four years of a Democrat president. We must take back the White House." Here, the editor puts in their own views on who should be president.


  1. DeterminedLobster4

    The author’s bias is also seen through her diction. For instance, she claims that De Niro “lambast[ed]” Trump, giving his words a significantly more aggressive connotation.

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  2. BraveZebra5

    The editor’s note is wild. Who is the audience for this outlet?

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