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March 3, 2024

U.S. to launch airdrop campaign over Gaza, Biden says, as humanitarian crisis worsens

Why Troubling News:

In the article they make little to no mention of the role the US has played in the Israel-Palestine conflict, such as funding and supporting Israel as well as vetoing the cease-fire resolution at UN security council. The article also refers to the conflict as a war, but the attacks reported are mostly one-sided which has lead to other media sources to refer to this conflict as genocide against Palestine. The article mentions several times that people in Gaza are starving and living in very poor conditions, however it only mentions in passing the fact that Israel military are the ones actively blocking supplies and starving people in Gaza.


  1. GraciousElephant5

    I completely agree with your statements and analysis on the article. It is clearly biased and omits crucial information from the reader.

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