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May 22, 2024

White-owned businesses boxed out from $2.3 billion in contracts to renovate JFK International Airport

Why Troubling News:

The title and article itself are attempting to perpetrate an inherently false narrative and call Democratic figures - such as Governor Hochul - hypocrites for their apparent racism in "blocking white-owned businesses" from involvement in a new JFK airport renovation project. The project did announce that many contracts will be awarded to MWBEs (minority and women-owned businesses), however the bidding has nevertheless been open to all, with non-MWBEs having already received over $5 billion in contracts. The attempt to promote minority and female inclusion in a typical male-dominate industry whilst also welcoming investment and work from white-owned businesses has been skewed to portray the initiative as racist.


  1. SensibleHalibut1

    Wow! I did find this article a bit troubling, it is very explicitly biased.

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