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May 29, 2024

Will Trump Be Convicted?

Why Troubling News:

There is a notable lack of information to support some of the article's statements. For example, the author writes, "...this campaign finance violation comes with a fine, not jail time. Most cases of this nature come with a slap on the wrist. When jail time was recommended in past cases, most were no more than a month." No outside evidence is given to verify the information about these consequences for campaign finance violations. Trump's trial is also portrayed negatively when the author states, "The trial focused on...which are charges seldom brought to trial because it’s not worth the hassle." This indicates that the trial is unnecessary, which is part of the author's own personal bias. Another display of the author's bias is when he writes, "While exoneration should be the verdict..." Here, he inserts his own opinion about what the result of the trial should be.

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