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February 3, 2024

Young people turn on ‘Genocide Joe’ over his cease-fire stance: Biden ‘absolutely sucks

Why Troubling News:

This article takes an opposing stance against President Joe Biden, accusing him of backing a "genocide" that never happened. Reading the heading alone should already tell the reader what direction this author's report will go. This article presents a strong negative bias towards Biden, supported by the explicit acknowledgment of "rising frustrations" due to his current cease-fire stance. Also, the strong accusations referring to Biden as "genocide Joe." The article lacks any actual reasoning or tangible evidence to support these claims of Biden supporting genocide in Israel. All the article's comments and quotes are opinion-based and present a very one-sided point of view.


  1. HappyDuck

    I agree with this, the article is completely subjective and there is no actual evidence or any reliable sources.

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