Full Jury Seated In Trump 'Hush Money' Trial, Opening Statements Set For Monday

Apr 19, 2024 View Original Article
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Contributing sentiments towards policy:

59% : Upon hearing from a potential juror that they "watched Fox News," Trump tilted his head and whispered to his attorney, Todd Blanche.
53% : "I wouldn't want someone who feels this way to judge my case."
52% : As the juror was speaking, Trump and his lawyer, Todd Blanche, exchanged notes.
52% : Jurors whose responses raised questions about their own political beliefs seemed to be of particular interest to Trump.
43% : I'm not allowed to speak," Trump told the media.
41% : Cliff Robert, a Trump lawyer, contended that his client was not entitled to a fair trial in the historically liberal borough of Manhattan, where Trump lived for a long period until relocating to Florida following his election as president in 2016.
41% : As Trump was leaving the courtroom on Friday, someone asked him whether he still intended to testify, and he replied that he did.
33% : In a court filing, the office of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg revealed that it would like to question Trump on a number of matters, including the $464 million civil judgment against him and his business for alleged fraud and the total $88 million in verdicts and liability findings for the cases filed by author E. Jean Carroll.
30% : Trump once again asserted on his walk into court that the case against him is "unfair" and that the gag order that keeps him from speaking about witnesses, prosecutors, court employees, and jurors is not "constitutional.""Everyone else can say whatever they want about me.
27% : "It is "hard to think of something that is more squarely in the wheelhouse" for the DA to question Trump about, prosecutor Matthew Colangelo told the judge during a discussion of the fraud case's conclusions, "than a finding by a judge of persistent and repeated fraud and illegality.
24% : In every case, Trump has adamantly denied any misconduct, and he is currently appealing both the Carroll verdicts and the fraud judgment.
22% : Those who have openly backed Trump and harshly criticized the civil fraud case New York Attorney General Letitia James filed against the former president are among the podcast's previous guests.
18% : However, after being questioned on a 2020 Facebook post in which he allegedly referred to Trump as "the devil and a sociopath," he was subsequently dismissed.
5% : Necheles then questioned a different woman, who had previously claimed to have been sexually assaulted, about whether or not she would hold it against Trump that other women had accused Trump of sexual assault.

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